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When it comes to hardwood lumber products, our unmatched supply industry expertise, and passion to serve, ensures you access to the right products at the right price and time! And that pertains to Southern Yellow Pine as well!

Within the Baillie Group are some of the industry's most respected and trusted hardwood brands.

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North American Hardwoods

Quality Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood logs

Veneer and Sawlogs

S4S and Ripped Hardwoods

S4S and Exact Ripped to Width Moulder Blanks

Tropical Hardwood Lumber

From African Mahogany to Zebrawood!

Proprietary Grade Lumber

Value Added Lumber Products

Industrial Grade Lumber

Pallet Lumber, Railroad Ties and More!

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Largest collection of kiln dried hardwood lumber!

Southern Yellow Pine

Consistent in grade, texture and color!

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