Hardwood Lumber Supplier Considerations

What do you look for in a hardwood lumber supplier?  Of course, different companies value different things from suppliers. But there are always a set of “must haves” companies expect from their suppliers. For example, a fair price, on-time delivery, lumber that is on grade and complete and timely information.hardwood lumber supplier considerations

For us, those things are just table stakes. We know to differentiate ourselves we need to provide our customers more.  In the past, we have written about the importance for hardwood suppliers to also be honest and dependable. We still believe that is important. And today, we have our team keenly focused on a few more points of differentiation that you might find helpful.

Encouraging Excellence – Urging our employees to purse excellence in all they do is a core value for us. Not matter their position, whether it be grading lumber, buying green lumber, processing orders or managing deliveries, if everyone is seeking to be excellent for our customers we will be on the right path to provide an exceptional customer experience!

Accessibility – Providing our customer access to a large supply of hardwood lumber solutions has always been a foundation of what we try to do. But there is so much more. For us, accessibility also includes ensuring our people are accessible to our suppliers and customers. We encourage our employees to be a resource and share their abilities and their knowledge to help others be as successful as they can be.

Responsiveness -  The hardwood lumber industry can move fast. Customers need information. Suppliers need answers. So, when our employees are interacting with others, we emphasize the importance of being responsiveness in all we do.

Build Relationships – We still believe business is done best person to person. Having a deep understanding of what your customers or suppliers need, want and desire helps provide better solutions and better results! Through open communication and an emphasis on relationship building, we strive to be a trusted hardwood resource whenever we can!

We know succeeding in business is hard. We do our best to make sure buying hardwood lumber isn’t. If you are looking for a different hardwood lumber supplier give us a call. Let us demonstrate why we are different and worth trusting as your hardwood advisor and supplier.

Tony C.
The Baillie Group
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