Industrial Lumber: The Heart of the Log

industrial hardwood lumberMost people know that one of the beauties of the hardwood lumber industry is that every aspect of a log that is sawn is used in one way or another! Grade lumber, the lumber that typically goes into things like furniture and hardwood flooring, comes from the outer section of the hardwood log.  And what is referred to as industrial lumber and railroad ties come from what remains of the center of the log. (Even the dust, chips and bark from the log are used in things like agriculture and landscaping!)

Durability and longevity of use are very important when it comes to industrial lumber products. That’s why hardwoods are an excellent choice for these type of products. Specifically, when it comes to things like pallet lumber and cants, railroad ties, fence boards and timber mats.  For these type of products we find red oak and white oak are the species most likely to be used. But what we refer to as mixed hardwoods is also developed using species like hard maple, soft maple, birch, hickory, etc.

Most of our industrial lumber products are provided in the rough and green. (not surfaced or kiln dried).

The sizes in lengths, widths and thicknesses vary and are sometimes dependent on the capabilities of the sawmill.  For example, in our Smyrna, NY sawmill, Superior Hardwoods and the Clendenin Lumber facilities we are currently producing 7” x 9” railroad ties in 8' 6” lengths.  Yet other facilities are producing similar products in longer lengths.

hardwood timber mats

For us in the hardwood industry a developing opportunity in the area of industrial lumber is the potential use of more hardwoods in cross laminated timbers, (CLT).  Recently, we have seen a large push for the use of specifically yellow poplar as a material of choice.  From what we understand applications for review have been submitted to the sanctioning bodies and a decision is expected early 2024. This could be an exciting market for the industry as a whole.

All members of the Baillie Group pride ourselves on our commitment to developing quality industrial lumber products.  Our unmatched supply, industry expertise and passion to serve helps us ensure our customers receive the right hardwoods at the right price and time!

If you are looking for information on industrial hardwood lumber products contact us today. We’ll be happy to help!

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