Center Cut White Oak – Like Rustic White Oak, but Different!

Center Cust White Oak - RusticIf you have been in the hardwood lumber industry long enough there is no doubt you have heard about Rustic grade hardwoods, even Rustic White Oak. But have you heard about Center Cut White Oak? It is like Rustic White Oak, but a little different. But what sets it apart?

Several of the sawmills in the Baillie Group have been using a sawing technique on some of our White Oak logs that yields a unique product with characteristics that are desirable for certain customers looking for something a little different. Center Cut sawing (sometimes referred to as Euro Cut) involves squaring up a log through the saw and then cutting straight through the cant to yield 3 to 4 boards per log.  

The lumber created this way is much different than you would get from traditional sawing techniques. When sawn in this way, the boards have a cathedral grain in the center with Rift & Quartered grain characteristics on the edges.  What is also unique about this product is that it contains pith. Traditionally, many customers don’t want any pith in their hardwood lumber, but in this case, we have had customers request it to achieve a specific rustic look with a little more character. This technique achieves that effect.  

Who is this product good for?  Right now, customers in the hardwood flooring industry really seem to be interested in Center Cut White Oak. It is used in both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. We have especially seen interest in customers that make lamellas. This is a testament to teams and their attention to detail through the drying process, producing flat and straight lumber, making it a great choice for lamella producers.   

Center Cut White Oak comes in 4/4 thickness and width ranges from 7.5” and wider, with an average of 9”. 

Have any questions about Center Cut White Oak? Let us know. We are always happy to help.

Tony C.
The Baillie Group
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