Rift and Quartered is Not Just for White Oak

Many people familiar with hardwood lumber know that the most popular rift & quartered programs are in white oak. But that is not the only species sawn that way.

Irift and quartered hardwood lumbern our New York sawmills, the team has been sawing rift and quartered lumber in red oak, ash, cherry, hard maple, sycamore and even poplar for years. (We can even do soft maple upon special request...)

We find that rift and quartered lumber is commonly requested for high end furniture and flooring applications. Not only is it sought after for the beautiful straight grain patterns it presents but it is also requested for its stability.

Much of the lumber our sawmills cut in rift and quartered is for repeat customers. We have developed regular programs to manufacture certain species, thicknesses and grades for particular customer applications and schedules. We have provided rift and quartered lumber green and kiln dried depending on our customer’s preference. Admittedly, the most common thicknesses we saw in rift and quartered are 4/4 and 5/4, however we also develop a great deal of 8/4 lumber this way.

If you are looking to develop or supplement an existing rift and quartered lumber program, let us know. Several of the sawmill locations within the Baillie Group provide rift and quartered material.  Contact us today! We would be happy to see if we could saw it for you!

Tony C.
The Baillie Group
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