Hardwoods for Truck Flooring

North American hardwood lumber has been used for truck flooring for decades.  Whether it be for the base of a flatbed truck, shipping containers, lowboy trucks or even utility trailers, the industry has recognized the versatility, durability and appeal of hardwoods for a long time.

truck flooring with hardwood lumberMany different hardwood species are used in the manufacturing of truck flooring.  Red oak and white oak are by far the most requested species.  However, some manufacturers have developed mixed hardwood flooring products that are a combination of many species such as ash, beech, birch and maple.

Traditionally, we have found that truck flooring manufacturers have chosen to work with 5/4 (2 common and better).  They will cut the boards to the required lengths and widths, glue them and assemble into 8’ or 20’ units depending on the product.  However, although many in the industry have been using 4/4 thicknesses for years, recently we have seen even more requests for 4/4 hardwood lumber.  It will be interesting to watch and see if this how this develops.

If you engineer hardwood flooring for trucks and are looking for new or additional hardwood lumber supplier options, consider the members of the Baillie Group.  We have even helped customers with special tropical lumber species from time to time.  We would welcome the chance to help you.

Tony C.
The Baillie Group
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