Could Red Grandis be a good hardwood lumber substitute for you

If you are in the hardwood lumber industry you understand supply and availability fluctuates. From time to time market demands shift, supply become tight and companies find themselves trying to find material replacements to the species they use to produce their products. Most of the time, hardwood lumber product substitutes are limited because it is dependent on the manufacturers use or application, however, it is not unheard of.

One of the imported tropical hardwood species that seems to have a great deal of versatility is Red Grandis. Red Grandis is a plantation grown hardwood sourced from Urufor in Uruguay. It is a high-quality hardwood lumber that is used for many different applications.

Known for its consistent texture, grain and color some claim Red Grandis is similar to Genuine Mahogany and Cherry. It has a reputation for being a species for high-end furniture, cabinetry, doors, windows and stair projects. We have also seen Red Grandis being requested for many exterior applications such as shutters, siding, boatbuilding parts and even decking.

Recently we have received an increase in quote requests from manufacturers in the United States who traditionally use species such as Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar. They all have a feeling market pricing for those species could rise and are looking for more specifics on availably and pricing of Red Grandis since it has similar working properties and characteristics.

Only the future will tell if this comes to fruition, but it does bode well for the popularity and exposure of Red Grandis in general.

If you would like more information about Red Grandis contact your Baillie representative. We would be happy to help you.

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber
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