Company Culture and Hiring New Employees

Like other businesses in the hardwood lumber industry, hiring new top-performing employees is critical. Whether that be foresters, sawmill managers, lumber sales people or hardwood lumber buyers, attracting the right candidate is important to our success.

We have found emphasizing our company purpose and values, which is one of the foundational elements of the culture we want to maintain, is very helpful in differentiating our company with candidates. Here are a few ways we have found it to be helpful.

Spotlight your company culture on your “careers” page. Some companies fall short in what they choose to feature on their website “careers” page. Instead of just posting job descriptions, LinkedIn advises using this page to “share stories, testimonials, photos, videos, and podcasts that illustrate your culture and highlight your employees’ experiences, achievements, and feedback.”

Share photos of employee gatherings, short video testimonials from employees past and present, and details on how an applicant can hope to grow within the organization. This will increase the odds of preferred job-seekers wanting to learn more about your business.

Enlist employees as your ambassadors of company culture. In your current workforce, you likely have high-performing individuals who are potentially valuable “ambassadors” for your organization. We see it in employees who live out our purpose and values on the job. We encourage these employees to use their own social media platforms to share news of company culture (team-building events, milestone celebrations, recognition programs, etc.).

They can also post items about what happens “behind the scenes” in the company, emphasizing such attractive features as an employee-centered workplace, their own history with the organization, and humorous tidbits about everyday life there. These type of employees can also be ambassadors to represent your business at job fairs, college career days, and similar events.

Promote factors of interest to job-seekers. Do you have a strong grasp of what employees like best about working at your company? In many cases, the key elements include offering an opportunity for professional growth and a commitment to a healthy employee work/life schedule. Our value to grow people professionally and personally is very effective in this area.

Many times we find a quick adjustment to a new job is also an appealing feature to applicants. As Business News Daily suggests, “When companies offer new hire training programs, mentorship programs and promotion paths, they foster a workplace culture of support and ensure better long-term employment rates.” This also aligns with our interest in seeing our employees grow.

Reinforce company values during hiring and onboarding. Once a promising candidate has been selected for movement forward in the recruitment process, don’t miss the opportunity to promote your company culture. As G&A Partners points out, “by giving job candidates a realistic view of 

your company culture, you’re more likely to find a good match for your open position.”

Do you have other thoughts on emphasizing your company culture with prospective employees? Let us know what has worked for you in the past. I would welcome the information!

Tony C.
The Baillie Group
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