Imported Hardwood Update - May 2023

The imported hardwood lumber market remains steady. In the United States demand seems to be consistent. Buyers still seem to be seeking species such as African Mahogany, Jatoba, Red Grandis and Sapele.

Speaking of Sapele, Sapele has long been the primary Mahogany species used in the United States for things like doors, windows, furniture, musical instruments and moldings. The Sapele we inventory is available in both flat sawn and quarter sawn. The flat sawn material resembles a typical Mahogany grain with a cathedral look to it. We have recently adjusted some of our pricing on flat sawn Sapele lumber which could make it an even more attractive Mahogany alternative!  The quarter sawn is what some people sometimes referred to as ribbon grain and is also regularly sought after for its distinct decorative appeal.

We do carry a full range of Sapele inventory in both quarter sawn and flat sawn material. Our thicknesses range from 4/4” to 16/4”.  In 4/4” our widths are commonly found in 6” or 8” fixed width sorts .All the Sapele we offer is dried at our own facility in Cove City, North Carolina where we enjoy the luxury of having a large kiln capacity which enables us to guarantee the quality of the drying.  It is important to mention that everything we provide is sorted after kiln drying.

Recently we have seen some reduction in the cost of ocean freight, as well as larger reductions on inland freight domestically. The result is this has helped stabilize pricing. We have also seen African species holding their pricing as well due to the weakening US dollar the last few months. The Brazilian species we import have experienced some great reductions in both ocean freight and cost, so please inquiry about our current offers for species from this region.

As we enter the middle of the calendar year we feel we are well positioned to meet the imported hardwood lumber needs of all of our customers. We have a diversified and varied inventory of products on the ground with ample replacement stock in transit. So contact us today to discuss your imported hardwood lumber needs.  We would be happy to help!

Jesper Bach
Baillie Lumber
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